Day 3. His voice was somewhat like robot’s. Same comment at the same section. Correct sentences. Polite expressions. Accurate tone, speed, accent and pronunciation. The only humane thing was some worry lines. Not related to his emotions though.

She tried to straighten the back and relax the shoulders. Still her hands felt so stiff that the car wobbled. He kept eyes forward. A hand supported himself instead of seat belt and the other on steering wheel. She hold it on tight. Still all the time he controlled it. And the direction of the huge machine. And her central axis too. Extremely simple and still moves. So effortless. While concentrating on her moves. She was embarrassed. Thay have been driving side by side feeling and exchanging each other’s tension, flow of kinetic energy for an hour.

She got so clumsier. The car stalled twice in a row entering the intersection.

“Start the car, please.” In the same tone of the past three days. No confusion, no urging. Once again.

Later came the same traffic lights, same crossroads and speed bumps. As yesterday, and the day before yesterday. The same instructions as yesterday, the day before yesterday. Reduce the speed working a brake pedal first. Step on the clutch. Brake at the same time. Stop and put the gears in neutral. Shift into second gear. Start removing clutch slowly.

Repetition. And repetition. Still not used to it. Fumbling for pedals she noticed. They are moving already. Before all that instructions. Neat dress shoes stepping by her side. On brake pedal and clutch, ahead of words. Unconsciously, automatically, regularly and instinctively maybe.

She looked at it vacantly. Put a foot on pedal. It went down by itself. She could guess the strength, speed and direction of his barefoot, even the temperature.

Course C ended. The car entered a small park’s parking lot. As soon as she turned off starting, she recalled something. Vivid like yesterday. She shook it off.

“This is course D. Start please.”

I got to get out of here. To the main street. Running so fast. Suddenly she lost a peace of mind. Became blank. Turned steering rattling gear. The car slipped and swayed heavily. He grasped her wrist.

Warm and thick hand of a small man. Agitation in his eyes. But different from  the raper’s in the park. A moment short and enough. Enough.

“Don’t change speed on curved road.” Same tone as always.

“Yes, sir.” Same tone as always.

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