Tear Theory

Water pours out from the eyes as a sign of normal function in your emotional system. The mechanism works very simply by the stimulus of chest pain, so it’s up to you to judge what emotion exactly is squeezing your heart. Body is blind. It just works without knowing why

A Time Traveller

I send kisses to 9-year-old you
Playing in the forest
I send smile to 18-year-old you
Who just spent the first night
I send tears to 25-year-old you
With your biggest loss ever

Here in this starry place
I just found you
Getting closer
Sending hugs
Hoping it gets to you soon

What Lasts Forever

What lasts forever,
The only thing that lives through
The cutting or wear and tear of time
Is just some fragments
Small enough to be
Stuck in your memories
Hey I just
Wanted to say
You already gave me
Some pieces of

How to Make Kimchi

It’s soaked salty now
Wash it and wait a bit
Till it’s drained enough
Hold it with care
Spread the sauce
On each leaf
When all is done,
Wrap it up tight again
Don’t worry, you did it right
And leave it,
Leave it
It can’t be the same from now on
See how it’s in ferment
Day after day
Since you’re gone


I’m going forward rolling a small ‘now’, sealed inside

No past can enter it, nor future can I reach. I just keep walking

Well, they say there’s no past or future thing but present, which I can’t clearly see. But like the idea

Coz for me, it sounds like you must be with me now