One Night

He planned to salt the meat first. Soon he realized the hunger. Noon. 18 hours since the last meal.

He entered the messy kitchen and found a burner. No supply of water, gas and electricity now. Fortunately he had some butane. No time to soak. Cut the arm into pieces and cooked them. Nice smell of melted fat and done meat. Enjoy this moment. He was busy turning the meat and eating.

Less than an hour later he got satisfied. Drank some water from a tepid fridge.  One and a half bottle of mineral water and a beer left. Would run out before tomorrow. Regretted not dropping by the store last night.

Late already. This morning he woke up to the power cut. Everyone noticed something went wrong. War? Yes. We had some rumors these days. Maybe power cut might be the evidence. But even the cell phone doesn’t work. How will you ascertain it? They will attack here soon. No plan for it. What now? What now…? A commotion.

First we need food. Then make some bunkers? Anyway we can’t stand idly by and die in vain.

Crowd rushed into the only store. The owner granny died in the panic. Friendy moms, guys and kids jammed things at random. Complete sale ever. Noodles, popsicles, Cortex, Jack Daniel’s, gums, batteries, stockings and so on.

He missed the timing. Not only one in panic. Those who had animals, they killed them. Those who had other persons, killed them.

He feared. Locked. Builed a cover out of furnitures. Gathered stones. Neighbors are already killing one another. At last, a few survivors will be in hiding in the mountain with meat. I’ll be one of them. But how?

Knock knock. It’s me. Please let me in. I’m so scared. Girlfriend. Tender flesh. Opened the door with a big stone. Fear turned into relief, then into doubt, then into fear again in her eyes. Knock her down without hesitation. Cut her into pieces relieved and happy. Neck, shoulders, arms, waist and legs. Sat on a chair wiping away sweat. Took a nap with the head down on the table. Then had the first meal. Splashed toward somewhere in the kitchen. Entered a room which is dusky already. Slept tight.

Half awake to sunshine. Turned on the TV as always. News as always.


“Hundreds, thousands of dragons are

eating my flesh

living in my blood.

They are sown into me from my birth.

Nothing soothes their hunger.

They won’t let me go.

So I had hard times passing through my soul.”


“Oh I see, my dear.

Feed them with this.

Then they’ll never consume you again.”


“What is that? ”



All they want is being called by name.”